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The use of hydrogen as an energy vector has been selected as one of the medium-long term top priority subject pertaining to the strategies of sustainable development by the European Union.

The main question at the centre of the studies and researches being conducted all over the world is, assuming a future of hydrogen, how to manage producing large quantities of this precious element and then store and utilise it for the various applications.
This difficulty is partially compensated by the situation of Marghera.

In Marghera, one of the largest and well equipped industrial areas of Europe, hydrogen, in fact is present on a large scale as a residual product of the various chemical productions. Plus, in this area there are important industrial structures that already handle the production line of hydrogen and guarantee a solid know-how for applications in the standing sector as well as transportation.

The use of pre-existing resources, reasons for opportunities and interests shown by the industries present in the area are the reasons that have contributed to elect Porto Marghera as an ideal site for starting such initiatives.


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