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A hydrogen-run world: other Countries PDF E-mail
Following are some of the most interesting international ideas and projects pertaining to the development of technologies for the use of hydrogen.
The list is not and cannot be exhaustive, but it represents the first starting point for learning the state of the art of the research on hydrogen throughout the rest of the world.

Japan Hydrogen - Fuel Cell Demonstration Project (JHFC)
The project aims at implementing activities of technology research and development in the field of fuel cells for hydrogen vehicles and feasibility and tests on the main infrastructures necessary for creating hydrogen based energy economy. The goal of the JHFC project is to collect and share achievements on the production of hydrogen from various raw materials, on the performances of the FC vehicles, on the environmental impact, on total efficiency and safety under actual use of such vehicles. Until 2009 the project was financed by the Ministry of Industry and Economy of the Japanese government.
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ASIA - Transport-related hydrogen activities in Asia
A report representing the state of the art on the activities of research and developments pertaining to the use of hydrogen in Asian countries.
Inside the report there are various links to private and public companies and agencies for the various projects.
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JP - Nedo New Energy and Industrial Tecnology Development Organization
NEDO is the largest Japanese public organisation of Research and Development for promoting the development of advanced energy, industrial and environmental technologies.
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AU - National Hydrogen Institute of Australia
Site of the national hydrogen institute of Australia (N.H.I.A.), established for the development and promotion of a systematic approach for defining the actual change toward the fuel cells and hydrogen economy of the future.
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AU - Australian Hydrogen Activity
The Australian Hydrogen Activity describes the Australian research on hydrogen technologies and related subjects. It covers the hydrogen chain completely, from the production to storage, to distribution and final use.
There are more than 120 projects listed, which have been undertaken by involving at least 36 different organisations. Copy of the Australian activities on hydrogen can be downloaded as a Pdf. document.
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