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Following are some of the most interesting American ideas and projects pertaining to the development of technologies for the use of hydrogen.
The list is not and cannot be exhaustive, but it is the first starting point for learning the state of the art of the research on hydrogen in America.

Wind-to-Hydrogen Project (WindtoH2)
The project is being conducted by NREL (New Renewable Energy Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy), in collaboration with Xcel Energy. It is a trial project set-up at National Wind Technology Center of Boulder, Colorado for generating hydrogen from renewable source. In the Wind2H2 project the wind turbines are combined with electrolysers for the production of hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be then stored and used for generating electricity beginning with an internal combustion motor or fuel cell. The objective of the Wind2H2 project is to improve efficiency of the system for producing hydrogen from renewable sources in sufficient quantities and at contained costs in order to compete with the traditional sources of energy like coal, oil and natural gas.
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Hydrogen Power and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (HECA)
Hydrogen energy for California (HECA) is a joint-venture between the international energy company BP and international mineral company of Rio Tinto. Currently this project pertains to the construction of a new plant for producing electric energy and hydrogen through the construction of a coal and/or petcoke fuelled IGCC plant, with an integrated system for capturing and seizing CO2 in order to reduce the effects caused by emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases. The project envisions the conveyance of CO2 in pipes for their uses either in extraction techniques of the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), as well as for the stable storage inside special geological sites in California. The project is expected to start in 2011 and completion of the plant by 2015.
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U.S. DOE Hydrogen Program
The Hydrogen programme by the Department of Energy (DOE) of the United States consists in the establishment of a partnership between the following subjects: industry, university, national and federal laboratories and international agencies. The purpose of the programme is to conduct researches and development on hydrogen aimed at:
- Overcoming the technical obstacles tied to production of hydrogen and its storage, as well as those pertaining to the fuel cells for transportation and portable applications.
- Address the solution for safety and development of laws and regulations pertaining to the use of hydrogen.
- Validate and test the technologies for hydrogen and fuel cells under real life conditions.
- Educate the major players interested in the use of hydrogen in order to secure success on the market.
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US - Department of Energy Hydrogen Program
Site of the United Sates energy Department for the hydrogen programme. On this site are published development programmes, strategic plans, annual reports and a library well stocked of documents related to the United States hydrogen projects and strategies.
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Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructures Tecnology Programm
This Site of the United States Government Programme for the technological development of infrastructures and hydrogen based fuel cells, contains interesting resources related to the programme of development, production and storage of hydrogen, fuel cells technology, laws and standards of safety and many other factors pertaining to hydrogen.
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International Partnership for Hydrogen Economy
The International Association for a hydrogen based economy was established in 2003. Its purpose is to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen economy and includes amongst its members American as well as European states.
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International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement
Site of the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the implementation of an agreement on Hydrogen (HIA).
The site publishes interesting information on current and past projects and on strategic visions, and a well stocked library of publications, reports and presentations.
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