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The use of hydrogen as an energy vector has been selected as one of the medium-long term top priority subject pertaining to the strategies of sustainable development by the European Union.

This goal is pursued tangibly by the Veneto Region which, already on 25 March 2005, signed with the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Territory the Action Plan Agreement for Hydrogen.
As part of the Agreement, Porto Marghera was identified for the establishment of a hydrogen district, whose end-purpose was testing new technologies for the production, storage and use of hydrogen and for the production and use of fuel cells in the electricity generating and transportation sectors.

For that reason a number of tangible projects have been listed and submitted for which a financing totalling 10,000,000.00 has been earmarked, 5,000,000.00 of which charged to MATT budget and 5,000,000,000.00 financed by Veneto Region. Through Deliberation nr. 1169 dated 4.18.2006 the Regional Council approved the call for competition drafted according to the requirements by the European Commission for the promotion of activities described in the action plan Agreement and following such call ten projects were submitted, all declared admissible.
Although their projects were admitted, later two companies dropped out and on 12.15.2006 the individual contracts with the eight Companies awarded with the contribution were signed.

The Agreement ended on 12/31/2009 with the accomplishment of five projects.

On 04/29/2010 the approval procedure for the new 3 years addendum to the Agreement was completed, which provides for the appropriation of 7,000,000.00 for the development of new projects

Documents and links:

The final text of the Agreement on Hydrogen signed on 3/25/2005 can be downloaded (166 KB .pdf): download the document

ATTACHMENTS A and B, as modified by the Decree of the Regional Council nr. 1586 of 29 May 2007, which contain the reformulated list for the assignment of the amounts allocated to the Venezia Project, can be downloaded:


The text of the 11/17/2009 deliberation, through which the Veneto Region has approved the outline of the Addendum to the Plan Agreement whose process was positively concluded on 04/29/2010 and the list of projects ideas, can be downloaded.  


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