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Currently the hydrogen produced worldwide is utilised for 50% in the production of fertilisers, 37% in refinement processes, 8% in production of methanol, 1% as propellant for rocket vectors for space programmes and 4% for other applications, among which the production of electric energy.

Hydrogen in fact can be used in gas turbines or burnt in engines with internal combustion, and for the production of electric energy with efficiencies ranging between 30-40%. Hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engines are also utilised on some prototypes of automobiles.

Le pile a combustibile permettono di produrre elettricitą dall'ossidazione dell'idrogeFuel cells allow for the production of electricity from hydrogen oxidation without going through direct combustion thus obtaining a greater efficiency. The theoretical threshold of efficiency for fuel cells powered by hydrogen is about 80%. This subject is fundamental to a future outlook in which the production of hydrogen will be possible mainly by utilising renewable sources rather than fossil fuels, as it is done currently.

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