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Gruppo Sapio
SAPIO Production Hydrogen Oxygen has been operating for about 85 years in the sector of production and marketing of technical and pharmaceutical gases. It offers application technologies and products marketed on al the major sectors (iron and steel industry, environment, chemicals, health, manufacturing, etc.) and operates directly in Italy, Austria, Germany, Albania, Turkey, and Montenegro. In Italy Sapio is the major producer of hydrogen for the market (merchant hydrogen) and in the past years it has participated in major research projects (Italian and European) for the applications of hydrogen. In particualr, SAPIO has the capacity of supplying technologies and products for the production of (steam reformer, electrolysis and pyrolysis of organic substances), distribution (supply stations, pipelines, etc.) storage (under pressure and through metal hydrides) and use of hydrogen as energy vector.

Venezia tecnologie
Venezia Tecnologie S.p.A. is a company organised to supply support to industries in their technological development. It has been operating for twenty years at the service and support of industrial productions to its stakeholders and external industries, mainly in developing production processes and applications of metal, plastic material, semiconductors and ceramics processes and, more recently, in the food technology.

CONFINDUSTRIA VENEZIA represents for the memberís companies a certain and influential point of reference, an invaluable support in the global market, extremely competitive and complex.

oversees planning, construction, prefabrication, assembling and maintaining industrial and naval plants in the mechanical and electro-instrumental sector. Mechanical processing. Construction, assembling and maintenance of special plants and equipments even in the space industry (telescopes), energy (wind power plants) and theatrical (stage-technical design systems).
Certified ISO 9001:2000 - ISO 14001:2004 - OHSAS 18001:1999.

ARKEMA is organised in three divisions: vinyl products, industrial chemicals and high performance products. The company is present in 40 countries with 90 plants and 6 research centres.


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