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Although hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, in molecular form (H2) is present only in traces in the air because, given that it is a very light gas, tends to elude the gravitational field and being lost in space. It is instead abundantly present bound to other elements forming, for example, water, hydrocarbons and various organic substances.

From such substances hydrogen can be produced: through multiple and much different methods hydrogen can be produced, starting from fossil fuels (reforming methane, cracking, carbon gasification, partial oxidation), from water (electrolysis) or even from biomasses (Pyrolysis, biochemical photo-biological techniques, thermo-electrolysis).


Currently the production of hydrogen is a strongly growing industry. Globally, about 50 million tons of hydrogen were produced in 2004 and the rate of growth is estimated at 10% annually.
Production of hydrogen is accomplished for 48% from natural gas, 30% from oil, 18% from carbon, while water electrolysis is utilised to produce only 4% of H2.

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