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Hydrogen is the most widespread and even the lightest element in the universe, given that it is made-up by a proton and one electron. On earth it is extremely rare to find hydrogen in free-floating form, but it represents the main component of water and hydrocarbons and, in lesser amounts, is present in organic compounds and fossil carbon.


It reacts easily with oxygen to form water: such reaction, slow at lower temperatures, tends to become explosive at over 550C.
From the combustion of hydrogen only water is produced.
In the industrialised countries, a hydrogen based economy is becoming the goal to achieve in terms of technological development in the energy sector for improving the quality of life of the citizens.
Hydrogen is not in itself a primary source of energy, but a vector of clean energy; it can in fact represent a valid mean for storing energy to be then utilised in a distributed and in ecological manner throughout the territory.

The major advantage that the use of hydrogen can bring to the protection of the environment is the drastic reduction of pollution tied either to the automotive sector as well as to the distributed generation of electricity and heat, with consequent benefits for the health. In fact, motor-vehicles and stationary plants utilising hydrogen as energy source, either in the combustion systems as well as in fuel cells, discharge almost exclusively water.

ciclo dell'idrogeno

The hydrogen cycle can be summarised in the following phases:
  • production, with traditional or experimental techniques;
  • transportation;
  • storage;
  • conversion;
  • use.
Hydrogen has been utilised safely for many years in chemical and metallurgic applications, in the food industry and space programmes; currently its potential applications pertain to:
  • industrial sectors;
  • transportations;
  • generation of electricity;
  • portable uses.



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